Watch for more information about two exhibitions I’m excited to be preparing for later in 2018:
Ouroboros, August 25-September 23/2018 is a group show of site-responsive installations situated in Toronto’s stunning Byzantine Revival St. Anne’s Anglican Church, the home of Group of Seven murals and with a long, history of dynamic creative partnerships. I’m sharing this exhibition with 4 other wonderful artists, and we will host an evening of song from the Darbazi Choir and members of Bruce Peninsula.

Excavation(…closer to where we began) was remounted during the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, January 15-21, 2018 and it was a thrill to be part of this vibrant, art and design event,  following the installation’s original commission for Word on the Street/Sculpting New Reads in Sept. 2017.
Pekota Design hosted the work for our joint presentation Elevation Excavation
The TODO opening on Jan. 16 was a warm and wonderful event on a cold winter’s night, and included a reading by special guest, Lisa Richter, from her new book of poetry “Closer to Where We Began”, beautiful and compelling writing which prompted the initial inspiration for my installation.
Also an affirming surprise was when the work was awarded a ‘Love Tag’ by DesignLines Magazine as one of the 100 Best things they’d seen during Toronto Design Week

SEPT. 13, 2017

I am thrilled to have been invited to devise an installation for Sculpting New Reads as part of the Word on the Street Festival, one of Toronto’s longest running and most vibrant public arts events. If you are in Toronto on Sept 24th come down to Harbourfront to visit Excavation (…closer to where we began) my new installation which responds to Lisa Richter’s sumptuous new book of poetry “Closer to Where We Began”.

Ms. Richter’s writing speaks to me because of the investigative resonances and large-arc narratives that connect to themes and intents within my own practice. Her work “…navigates the tension between memory and imagination, between the personal and the political, and the primacy of sensual, sensory, lived experience…. ” and …”explores overlapping/intersecting identities that shape and inform us….bringing us closer to our authentic selves”.

My installation is inspired by the intimate, viceral, fleeting and indelible histories of which Ms. Richter writes so beautifully. By charting evocative rather than specific narratives, my aim is to engage the participant/viewer in a sensory experience that is both imagistic and haptic, tapping into intuitive knowledge at the same time as prompting memories and textures of specific moments in time. While responding to the specifics of the Harbourfront Toronto venue and allowing for the large number of attendees expected at this popular festival, my installation will be ‘experiential’ and immersive engaging the participants in a sense of journey and reflection that for myself, signifies the compelling importance of “Closer to Where We Began”.




Élan Vital, my new site-reponsive multi-media installation has been invited to be part of the Gladstone Hotel’s 13th Annual CUTMR (Come Up to My Room).

Curated by Jana Macalik & Christophe Jivraj CUTMR2017 is the Gladstone Hotel’s 13th annual alternative design event showcasing emergent local talent and fostering crossdisciplinary projects.
Coincidings with Toronto Design Week and the Interior Design Show, this year CUTMR runs January 19th-22nd.

About Élan Vital:
A massive shipping crate fills the darkened room, beached upon a field of sand. An opening invites participants to enter. Within, a narrow passageway defined on one side by a wall-to-wall projection of slow-moving microbiological activity reminiscent of cosmic explosions, and on the other side by a reflective wall. The bass drone of deep-ocean and a distant heartbeat surrounds the participant. The installation conveys the euphoric experience of being within infinite space that at the same time tethers and perceptively confuses, the sentient push-pull gifting us with the sublime as it exhilarates and ignites the imaginative leap.
NASA scientists indicate “comets almost certainly brought most of the organic material and much of the water to Earth”. Responding to the CUTMR exhibition’s Transplant theme, Élan Vitalevokes the link between the beating heart of our planet and the origins of the galaxy itself. Whether “transplant” is noun or verb, organic or forced, drawn-out gradually or violently enacted, the notion is inextricably linked to the durational process of evolution.
Employing a structure that is both container and transporter, and using a combination of elements similar to those used in past projects such as Deep Circularity and Tidelines, Élan Vitalengages participants in a range of perceptual and phenomenological sensations, while offering oblique connections between histories of transplantation across the physical and ephemeral worlds. Inspired by the flux of the evolutionary process, the installation extends a metaphoric reminder of the ongoing state of becoming and marvels at the stardust within our very beings.

Tidelines, a new site-responsive immersive installation has been invited to be part of INGENUITYFEST this fall.

This is very exciting!

October 2-4, 2015
Cleveland, Ohio

My Bloggish-type Journal:

September 25. Have been experimenting with a few different media playback devices until Brian at VTape gave me the wonderful suggestion to burn DVDs on RoxioToast for ‘everplaying’ loops playable on very inexpensive DVD players. Brilliant!!  Did a full mock up with two 8ft x 8ft adjacent screens and videos as well,(in my ever smaller studio…) and it’s coming together. Will order the 2 tons of beach sand on Monday, which will cover the floor of my venue, now that I have a helpful and friendly man from the Cleveland Metro Parks willing to help me take it away at the end.  The kindness of strangers…

September 21. The countdown begins!  I’m ironing out the details of the Tidelines installation in my studio, primarily the complexity of rear projecting onto 8ft x 8ft screens in the miniscule available space in the back corners of the 8ft x 20ft x 8ft shipping container venue. Without funds to invest in the kind of projectors that would do this without mirrors…. mirrors it is!


Tidelines is an immersive, site responsive installation, in which I use large-scale projections to engage participants in waves of rhythm and motion that contrast and also connect seemingly disparate organic life forms. Responding to the theme of ‘Transitions’ at the upcoming IngenuityFest in Cleveland, the intent is to invite questions amid confusing pleasure that prompt reflection upon one’s own state of being in the world and within the larger, encompassing, fluid sense of time.
As James Gleick prefaces in Chaos: the making of a New Science, “The first chaos theorists had and eye for pattern, especially pattern that appeared on different scales at the same time”. I liken shared rhythms and pulses of variant life-forces as being a version of this patterning and a metaphoric reminder of the ever-shifting, constantly transitioning yet connective process in the world around us.
Tidelines has been developed to respond to the space provided by Ingenutiy Fest which is an 8’ x 20’ x 8’ shipping container, one of a cluster comprising a group of installation galleries, adjacent to the shores of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland. The exhibition is a three day event in early October, 2015, and presents an exciting opportunity to show site-responsive work publicly for the first time outside of Canada, along with approximately 100 fellow artists from across North America and beyond.