For sometime I worked in the realm of figurative painting, an instinctive go-to territory growing out of years of life-drawing classes. I was also influenced by a summer spent studying in Florence, where I was engaged by the relaxed body language, and multi-generational social groupings I observed in the parks and markets around the city, and in my travels around Italy and France (Train, Pisa; La Coquette; REN).

In the early 90’s, a personal connection to someone with a severe eating disorder brought into focus the vulnerability and also the power of the female body, and Body Positive was the resulting series (Vision; Breaking the Surface; Baptism; Real Woman II, Real Woman I). This work segued into more reflective considerations of soul survival and psychological calm (Touch, Sidestroke). With portraits such as Witness I and Witness (shock and awe), the work conveys concern and reaction to events beyond one’s control, with the latter, very specifically being painted in the days following the American’s highly problematic invasion and bombing of Iraq in 2003.