Ovum Quadratum

Ovum Quadratum draws upon the very long history of communal, spiritual and civic gathering under the Maypole and conjoins aspects of this celebration with the iconic and metaphoric symbols engendered In the forms of the oval and the square.  The ovoid form embodies the fullness of creativity and good luck and offers the spatial metaphor of non-Euclidian space suggesting the large encompassing universe, while the 4 pointed square references the Euclidian constructs by which we organize our daily lives, the cardinal directions, the elements, and the phases of our life on earth.

Using as the locus the existing floor to ceiling post situated within the North West quadrant of Hazelton Lane’s Oval in the Square atrium, 400 gently swaying translucent ovals and squares create dervish swirls around the pole and gingerly arc across the ceiling in the semblance of a windswept, Springtime dance.


Exhibition History:

Hazelton Arts Festival, Hazelton Lanes, Toronto.  May-July 2013