TIFF Picture Palace

This installation was conceived as the front piece to TIFF’s Picture Palace Exhibition that ran from March 2 – May 20, 2019, at Toronto’s TIFF Lightbox. Curated by TIFF’s Co-Director Cameron Baily, the MO for this installation was to create an experiential, Instagram friendly, 3-D ‘Movie Poster’ that thematically conveyed the excitement of the big city, as well as the magic of moviemaking. I conceived the design as a forced perspective cityscape as a reverential nod to both Cinematic Design tricks and before that…Palladio’s Teatro Olympico in Vicenza, Italy.

With CNC-cut building facades standing approximately 13ft high at the front of the installation and diminishing to approximately 5ft high at the back end of the 18ft long, wheelchair grade ramp, the ‘Black and White Movie’ setting, reminiscent of those seen in musicals of the 1930’s, is back-lit by a juicy sunrise sky.


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