All of the photographs in this section of work, were taken in the spirit of experimentation, on my iPhone, and often, though not exclusively while I was behind the wheel or a passenger in a moving vehicle.  What is common to every image is that they capture a sense of time and  place that contains a rarified quality defined in part by the ‘otherness’ of the location; be it the epic expanse of boundless clouds spread across a Saskatchewan sky, the mythic archipelago of Fogo Island’s Western Head, or palm trees towering over our passing car in Lankawi, Malaysia.

The ease of using my iPhone in this immediate and from-the-hip mode is a form of exploration which has lead to an extensive video image library now used within many of my installations. Yet just as importantly, it has expanded the conceptual discussion into the notion of boundlessness, possibility and the sublime in terms of the unfathomable amount of imagery and information contained within the heart of a  device as small, ubiquitous and mighty as an iPhone. At the same time, it has also cracked open interesting considerations about the nature of speed, perception and how we see things, which is continually shifting in an acutely evolutionary way.